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Thank you for choosing to give your time and energy to help make our Support-A-Walk for Breast & Ovarian Cancer a success. We are so grateful for your help! The purpose of this blog is to share some ideas and tips to make it easier for you to help us make this year's Walk the best one ever!

The Support-A-Walk has TWO important missions: To raise funds needed for the FREE help Support Connection gives to those whose lives have been turned upside down by breast or ovarian cancer; and to bring attention to the needs of people affected by these diseases. Our hope is that one day there will be no need for such events, but until that time, Support Connection's goal is that no one should walk this path alone.

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Almost Here! The Direct Approach

Hello Firstgiving fundraisers! We're now less than TWO WEEKS AWAY from the 21st Annual Support-A-Walk on October 4th.That means it's time to be direct about asking people to donate. It's not too late!!
We rely on YOU to help us reach our fundraising goal! The funds you raise enable our Peer Counselors to provide year-round support to those living with breast and ovarian cancer.Your donations will make a difference in many lives. 

THE DIRECT APPROACH: Send out reminders and spread the word! People forget even when they really want to help. Here are some tips: 

THE POWER OF 20: If only 20 people donate $20 each, that's $400! Let everyone know their donation makes a difference. Tell them WHY this is important to you - what drives you to raise funds. 

SEND OUT EMAILS:  Email every person in your personal email account. Write a note about why you're fundraising. "Copy & paste" the URL or page address of your Firstgiving page. (It's at the TOP of your page, and looks like this: Your friends and family can click the link, see your page and donate.  For a sample email click here.

SEND EMAILS THROUGH FIRSTGIVING: Firstgiving has great email tools: While viewing YOUR fundraising page, click the Email Icon at the top, then simply create your email. (If you use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail, you'll find easy shortcuts!) OR: SIGN IN to your account at, select "Edit," then "Send your page via email." Follow the steps to add email addresses and send your messages! 

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Share your page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other places you keep in touch with people. A few friendly reminders will encourage them to join your efforts. While viewing YOUR fundraising page, look at the top left to find share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. OR: SIGN IN to your account at, select "Edit," then "Post your page" on Facebook or Twitter. 

TEE-SHIRTS:If you've earned a Walk tee-shirt ($50 for the first shirt, $25 for each additional shirt) you need to pick it up at the office before the Walk. Click here for office hours. Share this with your Team Members too.

Thank you!

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