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Thank you for choosing to give your time and energy to help make our Support-A-Walk for Breast & Ovarian Cancer a success. We are so grateful for your help! The purpose of this blog is to share some ideas and tips to make it easier for you to help us make this year's Walk the best one ever!

The Support-A-Walk has TWO important missions: To raise funds needed for the FREE help Support Connection gives to those whose lives have been turned upside down by breast or ovarian cancer; and to bring attention to the needs of people affected by these diseases. Our hope is that one day there will be no need for such events, but until that time, Support Connection's goal is that no one should walk this path alone.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keep the Momentum Going

Our 21st Annual Support-A-Walk on October 4th is LESS THAN three weeks away! We are so grateful for your support of our free services and programs. We do NOT receive funds from Relay for Life, the Avon Walk, Making Strides, Susan G. Komen, or any other national groups. By raising funds for our Support-A-Walk, you enable us to help countless women and their families cope with breast & ovarian cancer!

Now's the time to keep the momentum going! Here are some tips to help boost your fundraising:

Keep It Simple: Send an email from your own email account (Outlook, AOL, Gmail, etc.) asking friends and family to donate. Tell them the address of your fundraising page (It's at the TOP of your page, and looks like this: Keep your email short and simple! Need ideas on what to say? Click here!  

Tell A Story: Personalize your page with a photo and a little bit about why you're passionate about our cause. Your page will speak for itself. To see a great example, look at Maria's page

Share on Social Media: Share your page on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A few friendly reminders will encourage people to join your efforts. There are TWO ways to do this: 
  1. While viewing YOUR fundraising page, you'll see share buttons on the top left for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email. 
  2. OR....SIGN IN to your account at Firstgiving, then select "Edit" to find additional sharing tools.
Let Our Videos And Audio Speak For You: Let people SEE and HEAR what the Walk is like and why it's important!  Share this 30-second message from Karen, one of our Walk Ambassadors:, just copy and paste this web address into your emails.   Or share our YouTube videos.

Your Email Signature: Add your fundraising page address to your email signature, along with a message (e.g. "I'm raising funds for breast and ovarian cancer support - please donate!") Your message is now in every email you send. It's a simple way to remind people!
Thank you!    

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